ANMYNA Pure Makeup Cream
ANMYNA Pure Makeup Cream

[11.11 Promo] ANMYNA Pure Makeup Cream – BUY 1 FREE 1

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2 x ANMYNA Pure Makeup Cream (50g)
2 x 安米娜素顏霜 (50g)

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Main functions:Nourishing, moisturizing, brightening and illuminating. Act as a shield against makeup, dust, exhaust gas and radiation.

Core effects:Apply a light layer for smooth and bright skin. Refreshing and not sticky. Plant-based nutrients to improve dull and dark skin from inside out. Prevent inflammation, allergy and photo-aging.

Product highlights:Nude makeup look. No need to remove makeup. One bottle of product contains of face cream, pre-makeup cream, primer, sunscreen, BB cream and highlighter. Six functions rolled into one bottle to save time and costs. Natural plant-based ingredients promote absorption to achieve dewy and fair skin. Pure rose fragrance and handmade acrylic bottle. Swiss-technology vacuum bottle to prevent contamination. Bottle cap can double as mirror.

Tips:Five-dot application: apply five dots of product on face – forehead, tip of the nose, chin and both cheeks. Massage gently from the inner to the outer part of face in upward strokes until fully absorbed.

Instructions:Morning–Cleanse face – toner – eye cream – toner – Dreamy Skin Cream – Pure Makeup Cream (Those who need to conceal imperfections can use concealer after applying Pure Makeup Cream.) Do not massage into skin. Just apply gently and the product will stay on skin naturally.

Reminders:Pure Makeup Cream is for use in daytime. Should not be used as night cream. Pure Makeup Cream moisturizes and lightens up skin tone for nude makeup look. Pure Makeup Cream is light and natural. For those who need to conceal perfections, use concealer after applying this cream.


核心功效:轻薄上妆,清爽不黏腻,细腻有光泽;植物养白,从内在改善肌肤暗黄、 晦暗;减少与阻隔外界刺激防护肌肤;减少毛囊发炎、敏感及光老化现象。





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