ANMYNA Hand Cream (Baby Aroma)
ANMYNA Hand Cream (Baby Aroma)
ANMYNA Hand Cream (Baby Aroma)
ANMYNA Hand Cream (Baby Aroma)
ANMYNA Hand Cream (Baby Aroma)

ANMYNA Hand Cream (Baby Aroma) 安米娜滋润护手霜(恬静婴儿)


1 x ANMYNA Hand Cream (Baby Aroma) (90g)
1 x 安米娜滋润护手霜(恬静婴儿)(90g)

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Main functions: Prevent dryness, wrinkles and cracks;nutrients and hydration;improve uneven skin;soften aging skin.

Core effects: Improve uneven skin for hand to resume smoothness and soft; hydrate hand, prevent cracks and dryness;soften aging skin for hand to be gentle and soft.

Product highlights:Safe for pregnant woman and baby without added formula;natural glycerine included, soften aging skin to remain soft and gentle;ground nutmeg essence included, even out pigmentation, natural whitening。

Tips: Apply on both hands after cleansing, massage in circles till cream is absorbed.


  1. Morning : apply to maintain lubricated before leaving home.
  2. Night : Act as hand mask by applying more on hands.

Reminders: wrap with a layer of plastic wrap at night, maximize its effectiveness!

主要功能: 防干燥、干纹、干裂;滋养保湿;改善粗糙;软化角质。

核心功效: 改善粗糙,细滑手部肌肤;为手部肌肤保湿,防止干涩干裂;软化角质,使手部肌肤柔软娇嫩。




  1. 早——出门前适当量涂抹,保湿滋润。
  2. 晚——睡觉前可大量涂抹,可达到手膜效果。


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