ANMYNA Charm Scent Body Lotion 安米娜魅惑香氛身体乳


1 x ANMYNA Charm Scent Body Lotion (170ml)
1 x 安米娜魅惑香氛身体乳 (170ml)

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Main functions: Replenish nutrients and water;improve skin dryness and dehydration;improve rough skin;

Core effects: Replenish water and nutrients for skin, lubricate skin, offer moisture; improve rough skin to be smooth and soft; soften aging skin, repair dehydrated skin.

Product highlights: Classic fragrance of France, round the clock lasting fragrance;specially added avocado oil from Mexico,reduce wrinkles and lift sagging skin; addition deep sea weed, soluble collagen,enhance skin immunity, reduce dehydration, nourish skin.

Tips: Apply from bottom to top, massage for better absorption.


  1. Morning –apply during day time to improve skin, dryness and peeling of skin.
  2. Night – apply at night to replenish nutrients, enhance skin immunity

Reminders: Prevent wastage, tailored for optimum use


核心功效: 为肌肤补充营养及水分,肌肤水嫩、润泽; 改善肌肤粗糙,使肌肤细致嫩滑; 软化就角质,修复肌肤脱皮现象。




  1. 早——白天涂抹改善粗糙,干涩,脱皮。
  2. 晚——晚上涂抹补充肌肤营养,增长肌肤免疫力。


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