ANMYNA Cherry Blossom Shower Gel (c/w Refill Pack) 安米娜樱花冰爽沐浴露瓶装 (替换装)


1 x ANMYNA Cherry Blossom Shower Gel (300ml/bottle)
C/W 1 x ANMYNA Refill Pack (300ml/pack)

1 x 安米娜樱花冰爽沐浴露瓶装 (300ml/瓶)
1 x 替换装 (300ml/瓶)

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Size: 300ml/bottle and 300ml/pack

Main functions: Clear skin secretions;scrub out the dirt;soften aging skin;clear pores, disinfect, kills germs;remove body odour effectively.

Functions: Clear secretions such as sweat and grease for skin to remain pleasant;clean dust and exhaust gas for skin to be clean and soothing;clean clogged pores, disinfect and stop itchiness; soften aging skin, remove dead skin cells to remain smooth and soft;deep cleansing, remove odour.

Product highlights: Extracts from Canada glacial mud and natural mint; imported Japan sakura using advance freezing technique to extract most nutrients;quick freezing method for skin to remain comfortable and cold;12-hour fragrance, skin remain relaxed.

Tips: Extract bubbles, apply evenly on entire body, massage in circles.

Instructions: Good for daily use, apply bubble, massage for two minutes then rinse. Better absorption of nutrients, lasting fragrance.

Reminders: Pregnant woman to be cautious, herb-based gel cool in nature.

规格:300ml/瓶 ,300ml/袋





使用方法:可每天使用,涂匀泡沫打圈按摩停留2分钟再冲洗。 让营养吸收更好,留香更持久。


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