ANMYNA 5-in-1 Deep-Sea Fish Collagen Peptide Mask 安米娜深海魚膠原蛋白肽面膜


1 x ANMYNA Collagen Peptide Mask (25ml*8 sheets)
1 x 安米娜五合一深海魚膠原蛋白肽面膜 (25ml*8 sheets)

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Functions: It incorporates cutting-edge double-layer hydrolysis technology to extract the marine hydrolyzed collagen zinc from deep-sea fish. It contains dozens of repair factors that can supple the skin’s missing substances and double-treat the skin to restore skin’s health.

The active peptide molecules fuse together with the fermentation filtrate for deep skin can keep the moisturizing effect, increase the moisture content of the skin and long-lasting moisturizes, improve roughness, soothe fragile skin and give your skin an incredibly silky touch, enabling your skin to be moist and resilient.


  1. Spread the mask first; Align the transparent mask with your eyes and apply it on your face.
  2. Remove the pearl membrane slowly from left to right
  3. Slight adjust the mask up and down on both sides of the cheeks to the most suitable position

After facial cleaning, remove the mask. The mask has 2-layer package. The outer layer is transparent mask; the inner later, a pearl film. Apply for 20-30 minutes and gently massage the remaining essence into the skin. If used every day, its effect will be better.

Advantage of using collagen mask by Google Expert.


核心功效:融合尖端科技双层水解技术、 提取深海鱼类的海洋水解胶原蛋白锌、 含有数十种修护因子、 可以补充肌肤所缺失的物质、 并双倍修护及提亮肌肤、 还原肌肤健康。 活性肚分子融合酵滤液、 供给肌肤深层、 持久的保湿效果、 并提升肌肤含水量、 长效润泽改善粗糙、 舒缓脆弱肌、 賦予肌肤不可思议的柔滑触感,让你的肌肤久水润Q弹。

使用手法:面部清洁后、 取出面膜。 此面膜为2层包装、 外层是透明的隐形面膜、 内层是珍珠膜、 展开面膜、 将透明的隐形面膜对齐眼睛部位敷于脸郎、 再将珍珠膜揭掉敷用20至30分钟即可并把剩余的精华液轻轻按摩至皮肤吸收每天使用效果更佳。


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