ANMYNA Cubilose Ice Membrane Silk Face Mask
ANMYNA Cubilose Ice Membrane Silk Face Mask
ANMYNA Cubilose Ice Membrane Silk Face Mask

ANMYNA Cubilose Ice Membrane Silk Face Mask 安米娜燕窝冰膜蚕丝面膜


1 x ANMYNA Cubilose Ice Membrane Silk Face Mask (30ml*5sheets/box)
1 x 安米娜燕窝冰膜蚕丝面膜 (30ml*5片/盒)

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Main functions: Intensive hydrating and nourishing. Healthcare for skin. Inhibit free radicals and decompose melanin.  Emergency aid for skin.

Core effects: Generously replenish moisture and nutrients that are lost over time. Improve sun-drenched dull skin. Repair damaged sun-drenched skin effectively.

Product highlights: Soft and elastic plant fibre mask paper imported from the US (DuPont) is a safe and natural choice. Loaded with eight times more essence, this product is designed to ensure maximum coverage for optimal absorption. Bird’s nest essence to nurture skin, improve dullness and repair sun-drenched skin .

Tips: Unfold mask, use the openings for eyes as guide to position mask on face. Remove protective film and adjust mask for a snug fit. (Distribute remaining serum in the packet directly on the mask sheet five minutes after you apply mask on face)

Instructions: Normal days – one sheet per day. During menstrual period – two to three sheets per day

Reminder: Cleanse face thoroughly before using mask to maximise absorption of nutrients and moisture.





使用方法:实际年龄—生理年龄(来M的年龄)+28=等于每月所需使用片数,常态—— 每天晚上一片 ;生理期——每天2-3片


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