[Limited Time] ANMYNA Whitening Toothpaste FREE 10 x Ginseng Mouthwash

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1 x ANMYNA Active Whitening Toothpaste (50g)
10 x ANMYNA Red Ginseng Mouthwash (11ml)

1 x 安米娜绿茶薄荷牙膏 (50g)
10 x 安米娜韩国红参漱口水 (11ml)

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ANMYNA Active Whitening has created a revolution by going against conventional toothpaste forms, introducing a delicate yet compact foam that deeply and thoroughly cleanses your teeth – including hard to reach spots, thus improving overall oral health.

Combining toothpaste, mouthwash and mouth refresher as one with ANMYNA’s cutting-edge proprietary blend of natural plant extracts effectively:

  • Cleans and strengthens your teeth
    Relieves bad breath, providing you fresh breath
    Breaks down stubborn tooth stains, achieving clean, white teeth
    Effectively reduces oral bacteria, preventing tooth decay and tartar formation
    Protects and reduces the risk of gingivitis

It is important to know what cause yellow teeth before you take precaution to prevent this from happening again> You can read here for more info.

Main functions: Maintain strong and healthy teeth. Maintain hygiene of teeth prevent tooth decay-eliminate the cause of your bad breath prevent gingivitis, related diseases and periodontal disease teeth whitening, maintain oral hygiene.

Core effects: Anmyna mouthwash helps to reach every area of the mouth, kills 99.9% germs within 30 seconds, deodorize the breath and keep your smelling fresh all day long.Bid good bye to yellow teeth, present perfect white teeth for you to smile without anxiety

Product highlights: Kills 99.9% germs within 30 seconds Mouth wash without artificial ingredients or alcohol, no heavy metals, no antibiotics, no preservatives. Easy to carry, apply any time

Tips: Swish Anmyna Ginseng mouthwash around in your mouth for 30 seconds then spit it out.

Reminders: Mouth wash is not intended to replace tooth brushing. It can only be a supplement to oral care.Mouthwash product not suitable for children under six years old.










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