ANMYNA Moisturising Essence
ANMYNA Moisturising Essence
ANMYNA Moisturising Essence

ANMYNA Moisturizing Essence 安米娜水感保湿精华液


1 x ANMYNA Moisturizing Essence (5ml*5 bottle)
1 x 水感保湿精华液 (5ml*5 支)

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Functions: A break-through in hydration technology, plant-based moisturising molecules are sealed in water droplets that are able to penetrate deep into the skin. Beside unlocking the water channels in our skin, the product also helps to build a loop of replenishing, storing, moisture locking and hydrating.

It enables our skin to absorb water, stay hydrated and retain moisture. Oat extract soothes sensitive skin while reducing redness and burning sensation caused by dehydration. It also enhances the hydrating abilities of skin to absorb more moisture. Hydrated and nourished skin is achieved.

Directions: After cleansing face, apply adequate amount of product on face evenly. Pat lightly and massage in circular motion for better absorption. Use twice daily.

Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. Do not use on broken or sunburn skin Consult doctor prior to using on sensitive skin. Stop using and consult doctor should your skin feel discomfort. Rinse with plenty of water if your eyes get in contact with the product.

主要功效:多维补水、 持久保湿

有效成分: 传明酸、 酵母提取物、 白花春黄菊提取物

核心功效: 突破性水凝包驷技术、 植物配方并添加燕麦胚舒敏小分子、 舍缓肌肤敏感不适、 修护干燥引起的泛红灼热、 并提升肌肤的保湿屏障防御力、 使肌肤尽可能多地吸收水分、 润泽肌肤浓缩百倍的精华、 精华中的精华ee解决皮肤所有问题01到2天改善皮肤干燥问题07天让皮肤恢复健康状态、 像剥了壳的鸡蛋一样白润嫩。


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