ANMYNA Multi Therapy Silicone-Free Premium Hair Care Collection 安米娜多效无硅油优品护发系列


1 x ANMYNA Multi Therapy Silicone-Free Shampoo (500ml)
1 x ANMYNA Multi Therapy Essence (50ml)

1 x 安米娜多效无硅油 洗发水 (500ml)
1 x 安米娜多效无硅油 精华液 (50ml)

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Main functions: Clean dust, clean hair at cuticle layer, clear bacteria and dirt; remove dandruff and aging skin; clean scalp and hair follicle, remove grease and other secretions, balance pH value of scalp.

Core effects: Effective cleansing of hair follicle and dusty hair; thorough cleansing, combat germs effectively to present clean hair; control grease, remove dandruff and stop itchiness, strengthen hair root.

Product highlights: With brand new, upgraded version with brand new, upgraded version of essential oil. Made with silicone-free formula and restrain the release of grease for bouncy and non-oily hair.

Tips: Apply directly on wet hair, massage hair until large volume of bubbles formed. Massage scalp for two to three minutes and rinse with water

Instructions: Press twice to apply concentrated nutritious shampoo for short hair, press four to six times for long hair.

Reminders: Do not scratch scalp using nails, scalp may be damaged which also lead to dandruff growth and apply Silky Hair Conditioner for smoother and more elastic hair.

Core effects:

  1. Boost blood circulation on scalp to relieve fatigue
  2. Effective protection of scalp, remove dandruff
  3. Stimulate hair follicle cells to boost growth of new hair
  4. Prevent hair loss and repair damaged hair
  5. Control grease and effective curb on bacteria
  6. Top grade nutrients to repair damaged hair in nine ways


核心功效:全新第二代精油活粹液特含创研无硅配方、 根本突破头发产油率、 净化发丝上的汗液导致的污垢和油膩、 让秀发不黏膩更轻盈、 同时给予头发、 头皮双重修护护理、 有效抚平毛躁、 缓解分叉、 让秀发保持清爽活力状态。


使用方法: 润湿秀发后、 取适量本品于掌心轻揉至泡沫丰富清洁头皮和发丝再以清水冲洗干净。

注意事项: 需要时可重复使用、 注意如不慎入眼、 请用大量清水冲洗干净。



使用方法: 涂抹于干发或湿发上、 免冲洗。 可搭配任意头发护理产品使用。
【 干发前使用】 按压2-3下产品涂抹于干发上、 秀发即时光彩亮丽。
【 洗发前使用】 洗发前按压2-3下产品均匀涂抹发中至发梢、 稍加按摩后按正常步骤洗发、 加倍滋养。 【 吹发前使用】 吹发前、 按压2-3下产品、 轻柔涂抹在湿发上、 阻隔热风伤害、 保护秀发。

注意事项:需要时可重复使用、 注意如不慎入眼、 请用大量清水冲洗干净。

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