ANMYNA Multi Therapy Hair Mask 安米娜安米娜多效補水修護


1 x ANMYNA Multi Therapy Hair Mask (250ml)
1 x 安米娜多效補水修護 (250ml)

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Main Function: Rich in hydrolyzed silk that can penetrate deep into hair strands. Clean hair strands of harmful chemicals from inside out. Target and solve hair problems like damaged, withered and fuzzy hair. Return hair to its healthy state – soft, light, shiny and smooth.

Instructions: Wash hair with shampoo before using this product. Take appropriate amount based on the length of your hair and apply evenly. Massage gently for 2-3 minutes and rinse after 15 minutes. (May extend the time accordingly)

Precautions: Hair accommodates limited nutrition. Recommended use 1-2 times per week.

主要功效:改善毛躁干枯分叉、形成头发保护膜 深层滋养修复头发受损、柔润顺滑发丝 补充水分、精油深层呵护 舒缓减压

核心功效:采用全新第二代精油活粹液、 协同水解蚕丝、 补充发丝所需蛋白由内而外的养护修复发丝因烫染的损伤、 每使用一次、 可以将发质受损度修护到2-3度。 直至秀发回复健康为秀发注入保湿分子、 温和不刺激帮助头皮锁住水分、 调理水油平衡。 缓和头皮干涩发痒的症状。 打造最健康的头皮环境、 让更新的发丝更健康强韧。

使用方法:洗发后擦干头发将适量的发膜均匀涂抹在秀发上、 轻轻按摩2-3分钟、 15分钟后冲洗干净( 可适当延长时间、 以便使有效成分渗入渗透。 )

注意事项: 发丝容纳营养有限、 每周建议使用1-2次即可。

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