ANMYNA Moisturizing Nano Mist Spray 安米娜全天候修护保湿喷雾


1 x ANMYNA Moisturizing Nano Mist Spray (60ml)
1 x 安米娜全天候修护保湿喷雾 (60ml)

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Product Highlight: Micro-emulsification technology to extract nano-particles of aloe vera and oat essence. Improve skin’s penetration and absorption. Soothe and repair skin while regulating skin’s oil-water balance; repair damaged and sensitive skin as well as nourish and hydrate dry skin

Instruction: Anmyna Moisturizing Nano Mist Spray can be used before and after makeup to hydrate while setting make up with natural look.

主要功效:舒缓修护、 深度补水

核心功效:提升肌肤对喷雾的渗透力和吸收力深度舒缓修护调理肌肤调节肌肤水油平衡改善受损肌及敏感肌滋润补水缓解肌肤干燥给肌肤带来多重呵护使用方法早、 晚洁肤后直接喷于脸部及颈部、 亦可于任何时候使用以随时补充水分、 唤醒肌肤、 或化妆后喷上。


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