ANMYNA Oil Control and Acne Care Essence
ANMYNA Oil Control and Acne Care Essence
ANMYNA Oil Control and Acne Care Essence

ANMYNA Oil Control and Acne Care Essence 安米娜控油祛痘精华液


1 x ANMYNA Oil Control and Acne Care Essence (5ml*5 bottle)
1 x 安米娜控油祛痘精华液 (5ml*5 支)

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Functions: The water infiltration technology is combined with our exclusive and patented SRPF (sebum re-balancing purification formula) formula to extract a triple-effect oil controlling and acne treatment essence. Once the product comes in contact with skin, it travels deep into the skin to begin repairing the redness caused by acne. It can also effectively get rid of excessive oil, adjust the water-to-oil ratio, tighten pores and lighten acne scar gradually. Clean, acne-free skin is achieved.

Directions: After cleansing face, apply adequate amount of product on face evenly. Pat lightly and massage in circular motion for better absorption. Use twice daily.

Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. Do not use on broken or sunburn skin Consult doctor prior to using on sensitive skin. Stop using and consult doctor should your skin feel discomfort. Rinse with plenty of water if your eyes get in contact with the product.

有效成分: 丹参提取物 、黄芩提取物 、 库拉索芦荟叶提取物、 白花春黄菊提取物 、 马齿苋提取物、  香叶天竺葵提取物

主要功效: 祛痘、 祛痘印、 抗敏、 镇定皮肤、 舒缓肌肤、 改善黑头粉刺>安米娜控油祛痘精华液、 不仅解决肌肤痘痘七大问题、 还能不伤害你的每寸肌肤、 让你从根源去除痘痘问题、 你想要告别痘痘、 只差- 支安米娜控油祛痘精华液的距离。

核心功效:结合水离渗透技术、 稀释调和独家SRPF( 皮脂平衡净化) 配方、 提取三重控油祛痘的精华素、 轻柔接触肌肤瞬间、 深层渗入肌肤长痘发红的问题层进行修护工作、 并有效调节皮肤的均衡系统、 改善过剩的油脂黏物调节肌肤水油平衡、 收敛毛孔、 逐步淡化痘印、 还原肌肤无痘的干净状态早晚洁面后、 取适量本品均匀涂抹于脸部、 打圈按摩或轻拍至完全吸收即可。



  1. 痘痘肌想要祛痘 = 洗脸➡Toner➡保湿原液( 全脸)😂控油祛痘原液( 局部痘痘位置)
  2. 痘痘肌想要祛痘消印 = 洗脸➡Toner➡保湿原液( 全脸)➡祛斑美白全脸➡祛痘( 局部)

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