[Limited Time] ANMYNA Charm Shower Gel FREE Collagen Drink

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1 x ANMYNA Charm Shower Gel (520ml)

1 x ANMYNA Collagen Peptide Drink (20ml)

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Main functions: Clean secretions;Scrub out the dirt;soften aging skin;Clean pores, disinfect;remove body odor.

Core effects: Remove sweat, grease and other secretions for skin to remain pleasant; clear dust and external waste for skin to remain clean and pleasant;stop itchiness, disinfect, clean accumulated waste and bacteria;soften aging skin, remove dead skin, smoothen skin;deep cleansing, remove odor.

Product highlights: Fragrance imported from Germany, fragrant shower gel with long lasting scent;Include peony flowers essence with 17 types of amino acid,replenish nourishment for skin to be smooth, soft and shiny;specially–included lemon extract, cleansing and whitening of skin.Imported pump head, prevents fluid overflow and contamination,consumption saving.

Tips: Extract some bubbles, apply on all parts of body, massage in circles.

Instructions: Apply daily, spread the bubbles in circles, massage for two minutes, rinse. Better nutrient absorption, lasting fragrance

Reminders: Concentrated shower foam, three to five pumps each time to discharge bubbles.







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