[Limited Time] ANMYNA Cleansing Mousse FREE Lipstick (Best Red)

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1 x ANMYNA Cleansing Mousse (150ml)

1 x ANMYNA Limited Edition Lipstick (Best Red)

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Function : Containing plant cleansing essence with fine foam,mild and comfortable,thoroughly remove dirt from skin,relieve greasy and dry skin,balance water and oil,make skin refreshing and beautiful.Skin becomes tender,smooth,clean and refreshing after use.

Usage : Wet the face with water in the morning and evening, press the pump for 2-3 times to dispense the fine foam on the palm, apply it on the face, gently massage skin, and then rinse off with clean water 1-2 min later.

Cautions :
• For external use only, should stop using if skin feels uncomfortable ;
• Please do not store in the place with direct sunlight and high temperature ;
• Please keep it out of reach of children.

主要功能:清洁毛孔分泌的多余油脂及分泌物,还有肌肤内外的各种垃圾。防止 堵塞毛孔引起的炎症或影响营养的吸收。




使用方法:早—— 按压一次即可;晚—— 按压两到三次即可


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