ANMYNA 5-in-1 Deep-Sea Fish Collagen Peptide Mask

ANMYNA 5-in-1 Deep-Sea Fish Collagen Peptide Mask is the latest edition of products from ANMYNA which was imported from France. This product is considered as a high-end category of ANMYNA’s product. Retailing at the price of RM99, the package consist of 8 pieces of 25ml collagen mask.

Functions: It incorporates cutting-edge double-layer hydrolysis technology to extract the marine hydrolyzed collagen zinc from deep-sea fish. It contains dozens of repair factors that can supple the skin’s missing substances and double-treat the skin to restore skin’s health.

The active peptide molecules fuse together with the fermentation filtrate for deep skin can keep the moisturizing effect, increase the moisture content of the skin and long-lasting moisturizes, improve roughness, soothe fragile skin and give your skin an incredibly silky touch, enabling your skin to be moist and resilient.


  1. Spread the mask first; Align the transparent mask with your eyes and apply it on your face.
  2. Remove the pearl membrane slowly from left to right
  3. Slight adjust the mask up and down on both sides of the cheeks to the most suitable position

After facial cleaning, remove the mask. The mask has 2-layer package. The outer layer is transparent mask; the inner later, a pearl film. Apply for 20-30 minutes and gently massage the remaining essence into the skin. If used every day, its effect will be better.

Advantage of using collagen mask by Google Expert.