ANMYNA Mouthwash

ANMYNA Red Ginseng Mouthwash marks the entry of ANMYNA products into the Korean market. I got questions coming in from my customers, out of all the beauty products on the shelf, why oral care products? All i can say, beauty if not about just the exterior but also from the way you smile. Little down anyone knows what oral care plays an important role in your life.

If you brush your teeth regularly, it doesn’t mean you won’t need ANMYNA mouthwash. Ginseng-based mouthwash are effective at killing germs. They can prevent plague as well as gingivitis, which can turn into hardened tartar, so daily rinse can be good for your oral health.

One thing you might not realise is that ANMYNA Red Ginseng Mouthwash is drinkable. Believe it not? It is 100% safe to drink esp to those who have sore throat. However, most of my customers are still more convince to spill it out after 30 seconds of rinsing.

Usage: Suggest to use up to thrice daily especially after lunch with one sachet each time.

Reminders: Mouth wash is not intended to replace tooth brushing. It can only be a supplement to oral care.Mouthwash product not suitable for children under six years old.