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ANMYNA Mouthwash
ANMYNA Red Ginseng Mouthwash marks the entry of ANMYNA products into the Korean market. I got questions coming in from my customers, out of all the beauty products on the shelf, why oral care products? All i can say, beauty if not about just the exterior but also from the way you smile. Little down
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ANMYNA Yage Sunscreen Lotion
ANMYNA Yage Sunscreen Lotion is the latest product from ANMYNA which deliver SPF30 for sun protection. This is long-lasting, high SPF waterproof formula protects skin with three active sunscreens. Pomegranate Extract enhances sun protection and prevents free radical damage. Additional features and ingredients:: Patented Skin Repair System protects elasticity to maintain skin firmness Hyaluronic Acid
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ANMYNA 5-in-1 Deep-Sea Fish Collagen Peptide Mask
ANMYNA 5-in-1 Deep-Sea Fish Collagen Peptide Mask is the latest edition of products from ANMYNA which was imported from France. This product is considered as a high-end category of ANMYNA's product. Retailing at the price of RM99, the package consist of 8 pieces of 25ml collagen mask. Functions: It incorporates cutting-edge double-layer hydrolysis technology to
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ANMYNA Collagen Peptide Drink
ANMYNA Collagen Peptide Drink is the latest special edition products from ANMYNA with packaging of 8 bottles per box. Retailing at RM188 per box, customers will be able to get it at a special price of RM388 for 3 boxes. We would recommend you to take the collagen for 6 executive days when taking for
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