[Limited Time] ANMYNA Air Cushion CC Cream (Set) – FREE 3D Eyeliner

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1 x ANMYNA 3D Tempting Fluid Eye Liner Pencil
1 x ANMYNA Air Cushion CC Cream (15g)
1 x C/W Refill Pack (15g)

1 x 安米娜安米娜眼線液筆
1 x 气垫cc霜 (15g)
1 x 送替换装 (15g)

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Main functions: Whitening and concealing. Nourish and moisturise skin. Act as a shield between skin and makeup. Protect skin from dust, sand and smog.

Core effects: Whiten and conceal flaws for bright and soft skin. Effectively protect skin against pollutants and irritants in the air. Shield against makeup, hide pores and protect skin. Pamper and nurture skin to return to natural skin tone.

Product highlights: Delicate nanoparticles stay put on skin (import from Germany). Agave essence (natural sunscreen). Protection against UV rays to prevent photoaging. Natural propolis to prevent aging and soothe allergies. CC air cushion contains more nutrients for skin.

Tips: Pat on product gently. Do not massage into skin.

Instructions: Use after skincare routine. Dot on product evenly until desired whiteness is achieved.

Reminder: Gentle formula, suitable for breastfeeding mums.

This creamy eye liner glides on smoothly for a precise and defined line every time, which features a self-sharpening mechanism in the lid. The formula contains 3D micro-pearls for a modern, shimmer eye look. This convenient pencil self-sharpens when you twist open the cap. The smooth-glide formula delivers a precise line every time. The formula features three-dimensional reflective pearls that bring light to eye and lash line.

What else you need to know:
This time-saving liner can also be used as a playful shadow. Just build up product on lid and blend out with a powder shadow. To sharpen, simply twist the cap closed. If you hear a click, stop twisting.

This product is cruelty-free and formulated without sodium lauryl sulfate, fragrance, oil, talc, and alcohol.










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