ANMYNA Dreamy Skin Cream

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Main functions:Provide everyday nutrients needed by skin. Touted as “fruits for skin”!

Core effects:Top up nutrients needed by skin in a day to achieve moisturised, soft, supple and smooth skin.

Product highlights:30% of essence to replenish nutrients. Specially designed pump lock is childproof and prevents contamination The 60ml bottle is easy to carry around  for all-day use 。

Tips:Pump an adequate amount of product and massage gentlyin circles until fully absorbed.


  1. Morning – Cleanse face – toner – eye cream – toner – press pump once and apply
  2. Evening – Cleanse face – toner – eye cream – toner – press pump twice and apply
  3. (Double dose is recommended because it is “mealtime” for skin at night)

Product Highlight: Micro-emulsification technology to extract nano-particles of aloe vera and oat essence. Improve skin’s penetration and absorption. Soothe and repair skin while regulating skin’s oil-water balance; repair damaged and sensitive skin as well as nourish and hydrate dry skin

Instruction: Anmyna Moisturizing Nano Mist Spray can be used before and after makeup to hydrate while setting make up with natural look.

Function : Containing plant cleansing essence with fine foam,mild and comfortable,thoroughly remove dirt from skin,relieve greasy and dry skin,balance water and oil,make skin refreshing and beautiful.Skin becomes tender,smooth,clean and refreshing after use.

Usage : Wet the face with water in the morning and evening, press the pump for 2-3 times to dispense the fine foam on the palm, apply it on the face, gently massage skin, and then rinse off with clean water 1-2 min later.

Cautions :
• For external use only, should stop using if skin feels uncomfortable ;
• Please do not store in the place with direct sunlight and high temperature ;
• Please keep it out of reach of children.






  1. 早—— 洁肤-美肌水-眼霜-美肌水后压出一泵涂抹即可
  2. 晚——洁肤-美肌水-眼霜-美肌水后压出两泵涂抹即可
  3. (晚上是肌肤的用餐时间,所以要加量)

主要功效:舒缓修护、 深度补水

核心功效:提升肌肤对喷雾的渗透力和吸收力深度舒缓修护调理肌肤调节肌肤水油平衡改善受损肌及敏感肌滋润补水缓解肌肤干燥给肌肤带来多重呵护使用方法早、 晚洁肤后直接喷于脸部及颈部、 亦可于任何时候使用以随时补充水分、 唤醒肌肤、 或化妆后喷上。



核心功效:补充肌肤的水分,打通毛孔促进吸收,提高肌肤透明感。 改善肌肤的水油平衡,收细肌肤毛孔,细致肌肤。




  1. 早——洁肤后微量,沾湿,涂眼霜后再次大量涂抹即可。
  2. 晚——洁肤后大量,涂眼霜后再次大量涂抹。


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